E3 Round-up 2017 

Yet another year has gone by and E3 has come and gone, we’ve learnt new technology has been made and will come available later this year with a wide range of games and apps to be played and tested in advance with the launch. The final name of this new systematic technobology is officially named “Xbox One X” and is packed with loads of advanced tech and components for us hardcore gamers to play. Personally I’m really excited for these new things to drop later this year. The technology involved comes surprisingly to Xbox users and even PC users at that as the hardware is incredible for the scale of the system. The Xbox One X comes in with 12GB of GDDR5 memory on its graphics card, making an outstanding equivalent to the PC high staking Titan X graphics card. In addition, to make sure this system does most certainly not overheat its integrated liquid Cool system specifically designed to adapt and support the interior components of the Xbox One X. Furthermore, Microsoft seem to be plugging the 6 terraflops of graphic power, to what I guess get one up over Sony for what you could say is their Failure system the PlayStation Pro which actually lied about delivering true 4K content as they promised through some alternative upscaling software.

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